The corona virus indicates us a alarm to alert in natures power.We people are destroy the nature like a destructive manner.God is remembered by most believers as creator and who protects and nurtures.The three divine acts of God is-creation,sustenance,and destruction.The last one, of God as destroyer,need to be understood properly.

many people are die in corona virus infections.One of the most arduous challenges that faces humanity today is to establish harmony among people of different creeds .When we look at the human world and its progress towards a civilised and developed society, we can see our steady march towards better standards of life.

But on another level,fragmentation of human bonds,divisiveness,mistrust and intolerance have also been growing rapidly. There are numerous conflict and wars going on the different part of the world because of religious,cultural,linguistic,ideological or political divides.

spirituality is the common thread that unites all human beings at the core.When we look at the world from a body-conscious perspective,our outlook and attitudes are coloured and prejudiced by limited and narrow feelings.

As God is our supreme father and we are the children, we all are connected to each other as soul brothers.Every religion or faith taught us that we should love everyone as our own kin.None but God can create such a perfect world based on true dharma. only God has the authority ,wisdom and power to create a world based on unified faith. God alone gives us the wisdom to nurture these dormant values and to create a peaceful world.

A calm and peaceful mind generates positive thoughts to face this terrifying situation.Today the external environment around us has become more uncertain and turbulent, upsetting the stability of our mind. It is thus important to nurture our mind with qualitatively good information that cultivates clean and clear thinking. It is important to understand the nature and its protection .

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