KARMA : Our life is the sum total of all the karma we have done in our life time, in the present birth in particular and the past births in general. It is a law, which teaches us that there is no such things as luck and that whatever happens to us today is the result of our benevolent or malevolent actions in the past. As you sow, so we shall you reap or every action on a spiritual level causes a similar reaction or life situation to come back to us and a negative action brings a positive life situation back to us and a negative action brings a negative life situation back to us.

Some times we wonder why some people are born extra lucky to have accomplished a lot without much toil while others, more hard working, are still waiting in the queue. Why someone is burn with a silver spoon in the mouth and another with a begging bowl ?

Our karma decides the quality of our life. If we are influenced by the core virtues of the self, we are able to do elevated karma. Such karma is going to give us happiness and peace. In case of our karma is influenced by the vices, we would be committing sins, resulting in sorrow and miseries. We are given the power of discrimination and choice.

When we understand clearly that we are the creators of our destiny, then we make a conscious effort to see that our karma is virtuous, elevated and based on the rule/guidance of supreme father. we should accumulate elevated and virtues of karma on a day today basis to make value addition to our spiritual life.

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Global justice is the bedrock of individual justice. Global peace is not possible without global justice. But how can global justice be brought about ? Surely it can’t be brought about by laws and courts, or by the international court of justice. In fact, no human agency in the world can make this happen because all have vested interests and ironically, they perpetrate injustice globally.


It is the state of world where every thing happens at the right time at the right place and in the right manner. It is based on a righteous world order where ‘right is right‘ unlike in today’s world, where every action is based on the belief that ‘might is right’. The law of karma, also known as law of cause and effect. In simple terms the law espouses that a person harvests what he sows, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. A person will experience only what he has expressed. An expression here could be tangible, such as a physical activity, or intangible, as a thought or intention.

So when the universe is governed by such a law, let us explore the discrepancy in our perception. For this we need to delve deeper into the subject and find out who is the one experiencing or performing the karma. On the surface, it would be a person identified by a particular name, gender or rank. However, the action is actually performed by the being who is playing that role and is known by that identity. It is essential here to understand that the performer of the karma here is soul, not the body.

Souls take several births, and through with each new birth a new identity is required, the account of good or bad and tendencies formed after performing actions are saved in it. So, what a person is experiencing now may not necessarily be the result of an action performed in the known past. What is law guarantees is that a noble deep will never go unrewarded, and a bad deep will bear a corresponding result, just that the time taken to boomerang could be variable. This is unlike the system of law we have in the world today that only checks the evildoer and forgets to reward the good. Therefore, the law of karma assures us that no injustice is actually possible.

The understanding of this law allows us to take responsibility for our actions and amend them instead of passing the buck to someone else. Awakening to this absolute spiritual law not only settles haunting questions in the mind, but also gives us the key to health, wealth and happiness, which is performing righteous actions.

Peace and justice can return to our world only after we create global awareness about the perfect law of karma, that to be good and do good is in one’s self-interest, as is to believe firmly that right is right. Righteous means are necessary to achieve righteous ends and to deliver global justice, thereby establish global peace.But is it possible that the entire human race is inspired to act according to the law of karma ? It seems to be an unrealistic proposition.


The answer lies in gods plan for world renewal.As per his plan, there are two ways to purify and cleanse –

1- Through self-purification by a critical number of souls who are enlightened and empowered by staying in his remembrance and following his wisdom impaired through the medium of God.

2- Through nuclear war and natural calamities. In this event all bad karma of all souls is settled by means of suffering.

It is here that we can use the power of meditation. Meditation is the fire that can burn our past vicious sanskars and there by restore the capacity to act in accordance with our conscience. It revives our original positive energies that spark a chain of positive actions that can ushers in an era of health, happiness and prosperity.

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